Travel Information-10k
There are a number of ways to get to Longreach, depending on how quickly you want to, and your budget. All of them involve lots of scenery.

Where Longreach is,5k
1181km north west of Brisbane

1767km south west of Cairns

1854km east of Alice Springs

687km west of Rockhampton

416km to the nearest McDonalds

Getting Here,10k
Queensland Rail-10k Rail
Arrive Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Depart Thursdays and Sundays.
Further Information
Red Rat Airlines ;-),10k Fly
Arrivals and departures daily.
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McCafferty's Bus Service,10k Coach
Arrive from Brisbane 11am daily.
Arrive from Mt Isa 4pm daily.
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GAFA Country,10k Self-Drive
Arrive whenever you want.
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Summer (Dec to Feb) Av Max 37C Av Min 23C Rainfall 209mm
Autumn (Mar to May) Av Max 31C Av Min 16C Rainfall 131mm
Winter (Jun to Aug) Av Max 24C Av Min 08C Rainfall 49mm
Spring (Sep to Nov) Av Max 33C Av Min 16C Rainfall 54mm

A 360 degree view of the horizon, b-i-g blue sky which is filled at night with countless glittering stars (Milky Way looks pretty good, and there's lots of it), the ubiquitous flies (practise the Great Aussie Wave), miles of green grass after it has rained...miles of brown grass if it hasn't for a while (either way the fauna isn't too hard to spot), most mod cons (we have Net access!), clean air, clean water and genuine Outback hospitality.

Basic road rules are: give way to the right, avoid the wildlife, and you're allowed to drive to the inside of the power poles in the middle of the street.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (4QL) and commercial (4LG) radio stations both broadcast from studios in Longreach. The local paper (Longreach Leader) is published on Fridays, and other newspapers are delivered to town daily. Longreach receives four TV Channels - ABC, SBS, Seven Central, and Imparja (Alice Springs).

  • groovy wide brimmed hat/sunglasses (de rigeur all year round)
  • sunscreen
  • sturdy and comfortable walking shoes
  • camera, binoculars etc to take it all in
  • the ability to relax... :-)

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